A tip from the past, that still applies as a good short game fundamental

Are Chipping and Putting Styles Similar?

By Patrick Shaw, Head Pro Bajamar Golf Resort

Of all the variety of styles I’ve seen and read about over the last 35 years I have come to the conclusion the best, most consistent form of chipping is to resemble your putting stroke. The only difference between the two strokes is the weight distribution (more weigh, on your left side on a chip) that obviously produces more of descending blow.

The lists of steps to groove your, proper stroke for chipping are as follows:

1.) The majority of body weight is placed on your from foot, with the two knees pointing slightly forward toward the target.

2.)  Tbc ball position should be just to the right of the center of your stance, with the stance: being square to the target line.

3.) The club shaft should be tilted forward over the front thigh.

4.) The shoulders during the stroke are in charge of the movement, rotating  back and through.

5.) During the stroke the wrists should not hinge at all with the only motion coming from the shoulders.

6. ) When the stroke is completed the sternum should be facing or very close to facing the target.

7.) Plan all your chips to land just over the fringe and run the rest of the way to the cup. With this method a player will be required to use a variety of club lofts according to how much green they have to work with, from 4 iron to LW.

8.) The club-head will rotate open and close slightly during the swing and will generally stay swinging down the target line. The last thing a player wants is an inside-out or outside-in normal chipping stroke.

This style of chipping is similar to the putting motion. It may not be the only one, but it certainly is one of the best for consistency and control especially under pressure.