The ultimate Golf Cart?

GOLF THAT PASSION There are those who call them superficially “carts”, and there are those who, instead, take them damn seriously. Other than B-series cars, golf carts will someday look like this Mercedes-branded concept, Mercedes Vision Golf Cart . Prototype of a wheel holder on wheels with all the trappings – but above all the comfort – of a real car, starting from the air conditioning to finish with the mini-fridge . And in the middle a lot, but much more.

HIGH-CHIC It all started with a contest involving car and golf enthusiasts. Sketches, ideas, ideas from around the world have arrived on the desks of the Mercedes designers of Carlsbad (California) , who then took the situation in hand to draw up the project. The result can only be seen in the drawing, for now, but enough to make the idea: Mercedes Vision Golf Cart condenses the stylistic language of modern Mercedes (the grid is unequivocal as well as the profile, very “new Class A”) with the needs of every self-respecting golfer. With a touch more chic and high tech.

5 STARS Do you want some examples? In place of the steering wheel, on the Mercedes Vision Golf Cart , there is a joystick placed in the middle of the central tunnel, which divides the two seats. On the bridge also stands a dock station ready to host an iPad or iPhone, while along the central tunnel are objects of all kinds: from golf balls to sunglasses, through the banalissimi glasses. And then, is there too much sun? Press a button and the windscreen will suddenly darken to protect you , but if it rains and you do not want to get wet, you can mount Twizy style side covers. The seats are heated and ventilated, but an air conditioning system is installed on the Stella golf cart.

GREEN ON GREEN Needless to say, the Mercedes Vision Golf Cart is powered by an electric motor (of which the performance has not been specified) so as not to break too much with its green habitat. Its peculiarity, however, is in a cell of solar panels through which it draws sap for lithium-ion batteries. If you do not want to stay on foot between shots, then rent it on a beautiful sunny day. Although, for the moment, the Mercedes Vision Golf Cart seems destined to remain a mere exercise in style. Unless, underneath, Stella is not hatching an anti-Twizy …