LOP Annual Membership Pass Benefits

LOP members,

The LOP annual membership pass is a real benefit to serious golfers, or those just wanting to maintain a functional game. All golf enthusiasts know, from experience, the game is very unforgiving, but with some repetitive, weekly work, one will seemingly get “luckier”. As an annual member, one of the greatest benefits to make improvement possible is the member’s ability to call the shop, and hop on an open course from any hole. This one advantage can give many opportunities, especially in the evenings, to play a few practice holes. This added practice will help build muscle memory, greenside touch, and consistency in the “foxhole”. So, when deciding if you play enough to justify an annual pass, please consider that it’s not just full rounds, but all those few extra holes, that can make a difference in its’ added value.

P.S. Just be sure to call the shop before choosing to arrange the after-hours golf, so the outside marshal staff we’ll know your official. Also, the 18 annual pass is unlimited golf each day, and the 9 hole annual pass is only 9 holes a day.

Your Pro,

Pat Shaw, PGA