Winter Rules Start Nov 1st 2017

LOP Local Rule: Winter rules start Nov 1st for the course. Ladies 1 club length, 1 grip length for Men.

How to handle in the situation of a preferred lie?

The position of the ball must be marked first. This can be done with a tee, a pitch fork or e.g. a coin. Then you can lift the ball up and clean it if desired. The ball must then be (re)placed on a spot not nearer to the hole within the area specified e.g. within one grip length for men (about six inches). The image shows using a  score card-length is typical at other clubs.

For women at LOP it is one club-length (which is for example common on the PGA tour).


LOP Annual Membership Pass Benefits

LOP members,

The LOP annual membership pass is a real benefit to serious golfers, or those just wanting to maintain a functional game. All golf enthusiasts know, from experience, the game is very unforgiving, but with some repetitive, weekly work, one will seemingly get “luckier”. As an annual member, one of the greatest benefits to make improvement possible is the member’s ability to call the shop, and hop on an open course from any hole. This one advantage can give many opportunities, especially in the evenings, to play a few practice holes. This added practice will help build muscle memory, greenside touch, and consistency in the “foxhole”. So, when deciding if you play enough to justify an annual pass, please consider that it’s not just full rounds, but all those few extra holes, that can make a difference in its’ added value.

P.S. Just be sure to call the shop before choosing to arrange the after-hours golf, so the outside marshal staff we’ll know your official. Also, the 18 annual pass is unlimited golf each day, and the 9 hole annual pass is only 9 holes a day.

Your Pro,

Pat Shaw, PGA

LOP Men’s Handicap Average

With 219 members in this month’s LOP Men’s Club the average handicap is 20.3. The top 16 are under a 10 handicap and have an average of 7.4 !

Here are your top 16 for the month…

Name H.I.
Shaw, Patrick 0.5
Triplett, Bryan 3.4
Cross, Terry 5.2
Hollingsworth, Chris 5.2
Parkhurst, Jim 7.9
Burkley, Scott 8.0
Smith, Ted 8.0
Chauvet, Eric 8.2
Slane, Joe 8.2
White, Larry 8.3
Moore, Mark 8.4
Ertola, Michael 9.2
Preble, Kenneth 9.2
Heuseveldt, Merv 9.4
McDonald, Colin S 9.5
Jacobson, Robert 9.8

Average Green Size, What’s Yours?

This is from the GCSAA Tournament Fact Sheet: “Golf course management facts: Average tour green size (sq. ft.): The average green size on the professional tours is approximately 6,000 square feet, ranging from 3,500 sq.ft at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, Calif. to 9,000 sq.ft. at The Rail Golf Club, Springfield, Ill”.

Greens that average 9,000 square feet! Can you say 5 putt?

LOP Green #1 is 2,735 square feet and Green #18 is almost the same size at 2710 square feet.

#18 at Jefferson Country Club in Ohio is a single green that measures nearly 40,000 sq.ft. – Hole #18 (Par 5): Black – 652 yds.; Blue – 585 yds.; Jones – 540 yds.; White – 540 yds.; Silver – 530 yds.; Forward – 458 yds.